Old World Traditions

As early as 1817, an ancestor of the Stam family ran a bakery just north of Amsterdam, Holland. Over time, Stam's family bakery developed a reputation for quality pastries and chocolates.

The First Stam Chocolaterie

1913, after receiving numerous requests from devout customers urging him to specialize exclusively in chocolate, Jacobus Stam turned his passion to fine chocolate and created Chocolaterie Stam.

Early Growth

Decades later, in 1930, three of Jacobus's sons, Frits, Wim and Jaap and his only daughter, Fredi, decided to join their father in business and assist him in bringing joy to people's lives through fine chocolate. At this time, Frits, Wim and Jaap each developed their own branch of Chocolaterie Stam. Frits's business grew to be very successful and was later joined in 1978 by his second eldest son, Ad.

The first stam in the new world

The youngest of Frits's seven sons, Anthonious, felt that America would appreciate his father's chocolate as much as Netherlanders did and decided to bring fine chocolate to America.